GX Xtra Power Adhesive

£11.60 per pack

GX Extra Power Adhesive Information:

The GX Xtra Power is for the composite panels (Targwall+). 1 x 300ml tube will cover 1.5sqm of panels to be installed. This is solvent free and designed to work with the composite panels.

Volume: 310ml
Pack Size: 1
Coverage: approx 1.5sqm per tube

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Additional Information

Securely fix your Targwall+ panels to your walls with our GX Xtra Power Adhesive. This high adherence hybrid polymer adhesive forms a strong bond between the wall or ceiling and your panels. This product is ideal for our Targwall+ range. For our other panel ranges we recommend using the GX Power Adhesive.

The benefits of using GX Xtra Power Adhesive

  • Easy and quick application directly from the cartridge
  • Odourless, solvent free, 0% isocyanates and silicone
  • High initial and final adhesive power
  • Reduced viscosity, easy extrusion at room temperature
  • Compensates small imperfections on the wall +/- 4 m
  • Does not run, even in a warm environment
  • Designed to all types of waterproof gluing, resistant to bad weather and UV, resistant to shock and vibrations

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