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About Targwall

Wood Effect PVC Wall Panels

Targwall offers a unique range of waterproof bathroom panels, shower panels and feature walls which are a simple and cost-effective alternative to ceramic tiles so you can transform your home effortlessly. We also have a selection of wall panels that are perfect for commercial, retail and public spaces offering enhanced durability along with contemporary on-trend designs. 

With a number of finishes, including wood, marble, mineral and tile the designs can be incorporated to grace any interior design. The majority of our panels are able to be wiped down with warm soapy water for easy maintenance. This has a great advantage over many common wall finishes. This ability to be easily cleaned allows the longevity and long term aspect of the product.

Targwall wall panels can be easily installed onto new surfaces or over existing surfaces. This process is both quick with limited mess allowing large areas to be transformed quickly. We offer a range of trims to allow all installations to be finished off to the highest standards.

The innovative range incorporates finishes which replicate the latest design and trends. These designs are constantly being updated to keep pace with the evolving styles and trends for all market sectors.

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If you are new to the concept of wall panels, whether, for a bathroom, bedroom or commercial project, we are here to help to answer your questions. Email  [email protected] or call 01827 948 655 and we’ll be delighted to offer advice on which is the best product for your project.

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