White PVC Wall Cladding

Explore the stunningly white PVC wall cladding, creating a clean, hygienic environment. Our wall panels are uniquely designed to be easily fit, wiped down and are extremely durable.

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Our White PVC Wall Cladding Products

We have a wide range of white PVC wall cladding at Targwall. Our extensive range is perfect for any room in your home or commercial area, which is cost effective against natural materials.

These stylish, easy to install and hygienic white wall panels are lightweight and have a clean and modern style.

Cost Effective

Targwall’s PVC wall panels are an extremely cost effective solution compared to natural materials without compromising on style or aesthetics. Select from a multitude of product materials to suit the style of your space.

Easy to Install Wall Panels

These panels are design for all levels of experience. For the first time DIYer to a seasoned pro, you will find Targwall easy to install. Our plastic wall panels are designed with a tongue and groove design which allows the panels to slot into each other securely.

Hygienic Wall Panels

Our wall panels are perfect for any space you need to keep away unwanted germs or grim build up. Perfect for high traffic areas, such as kitchens, dinning areas & bathrooms where dirt can quickly build up on traditional materials. The beauty of these wall panels are that there is no grout required, this means less scrubbing and more time on anything you choose!

Recyclable Plastic Panels

At Targwall, we pride ourselves on producing sustainable products. Our PVC wall panels are 100% recyclable plastic. They’re developed to be extremely durable, strong and lightweight.

Installation Service

We’re on hand to help you install your beautiful white PVC wall panels. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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