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Tile Effect Wall Panels

Our tile effect wall panels are a great alternative to tiles. There is no need to remove old tiles as you can place our wall panels directly over the top of tiles saving you the mess and effort of removing old tiles. Not only that, you do not need to use grouting or hire professional assistance to fit these to your wall.

We have a wide range of tile effect wall cladding to choose from, ranging from slate, concrete, stone and many more.

Tile effect panels for kitchens & bathrooms

Tiles work perfectly for your kitchen or bathroom, but also other spaces such as hallways, dining areas and utility rooms.

Our tile effect panels have been designed to be the perfect tile alternative for your space, without the mess and time to get the look you’re after.

How to fit your tile effect cladding sheets

Targwall’s PVC wall tiles have been designed to quick and simple to get the style you’re looking for.

  1. Simply cut panel to size using a sharp Stanley knife.
  2. Add trim around the outside (alternatively, you can silicone around the edge)
  3. Apply silicone to the reverse of the tile evenly
  4. Fix tile to the wall, either over the top of old tiles or wall surface.
  5. Repeat above and slot panels together using the tongue and groove design

Cost Effective over traditional tiles

Tiling a bathroom or kitchen can be a labour intensive job that includes the removal of old tiles, purchasing specialist equipment or even hiring professional help to fit these for you.

Targwall removes the need for this as it can be placed over the top of old tiles and is incredibly lightweight and versatile, allowing you to quickly and cheaply get the desired look.

Splash / Waterproof

Our panels are waterproof* our panels can be sealed with silicone allow a tight water seal. Making it ideal for use in bathrooms or kitchens. If unsure we recommend seeking professional advice.

*unless stated on the individual product

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Our Tile Effect PVC Wall Cladding