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Restaurant Wall Panels

Our unique PVC restaurant wall panels come in a wide variety of sizes that suit your restaurant or dining area. Each panel can be simply installed over the top of tiles or un-even walls to give you a stylish finish.

Each panel is designed to be easily cleaned using a warm soapy sponge removing any dirt or marks created by high traffic areas.

Choose from a large variety of styles and sizes to suit you, from concrete to authentic effect wood PVC wall panels. Save time and money with Targwall

Easy to clean

Each panel is designed to cleaned down with a warm soapy sponge. Making this product ideal for high traffic and hygiene.

Cost Effective wall panels

Each panel is far lighter and more cost-effective than traditional materials. Not only that, the time taken to install your desired effect is significantly less than traditional materials.

Keep it fresh

Keep your space fresh as these panels can be easily replaced and updated over time to keep your space interesting for your customers.

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Our Restaurant Wall Panel Products