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Interior Ceiling Panels

Targwalls interior ceiling panels are a quick and clean way of giving your ceiling texture and designs that give interest to your room.

Interior ceiling tiles have become more and more popular due to the many disadvantages of traditional plaster and Artex ceiling.

One of the many benefits of the ceiling tiles is that the panels are made from a PVC which means that it’s ideal for all room, even bathrooms as it does not soak up condensation and cause mould to occur.

They’re also lightweight and can be installed without any previous experience in ceiling decor.

Installing Ceiling Tiles

Tiles are lightweight and can be quickly and simply applied to the ceiling using a sharp Stanley knife to cut to shape and silicone to fix to the ceiling without any mess or extensive ceiling preparation.

This simple installation is why many people are switching to this method over traditional materials.

No previous experience is required to install. Although, if unsure please seek advice from a professional.

Try before you buy – samples available

Browse through our range of panels to find the right design for you. Samples are available should you wish to check out the product beforehand.

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