How to Clean Wall Panels

Cleaning and maintaining your PVC wall cladding is really simple, see our guide below

How to clean and maintain your wall panels

One of the best features of wall panels is that they’re really easy to look after and maintain over time.

Step One: Preparation

Ensure that you have a non-abrasive cloth, warm soapy water, and a bucket of water.

Step Two: Wash down

Wash down your surfaces with the warm soapy water creating a lather over the wall panels slowly and gently washing each panel and any grooves

Step Three: Leave to soak

If you have stubborn marks and stains you can leave the soap to soak

Step Four: Prepare clean water in bucket

Get a bucket of clean water to wash down soap and residue

Step Five: Wash down

Wash down soap using circular motions, rinsing down the panels

Step Six: Dry down wall panels

You can dry down the wall panels with a microfibre to ensure no smears or marks