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Bathroom Wall Panels

Are you looking for Bathroom Wall Panels that are beautifully finished, 100% waterproof, cost-effective tile alternatives and that are easy to install? Look no further than Targwall’s bathroom wall panel range.

We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality wall panels on the market for every room of your house including your bathroom.

Say goodbye to scrubbing grout with our easy-to-use waterproof tongue and groove design.

When looking at your bathroom walls, you can either go for traditional tiles or waterproof bathroom wall cladding. But what is the difference?

Benefits of Our Bathroom Wall Panels Over Tiles

The differences between the two are easy to see why wall panels make for the best fit on your bathroom walls.

✔ No more grout!

You’ll know how tough it is to scrub the grout clean, it never looks as good as new unless you buy some specialist chemicals and tools.

Your wall panels do not use grout to fill between each of the panels making maintaining it a breeze.

In a day and age where time is money, take the spare time you have and relax.

✔ Install over the top of old tiles

If you’re on a budget or have little time you can simply install the wall panels directly over your old tiles removing the need to painstakingly chip away tiles and dispose of them.

For the best finish, we recommend removing the tiles, however, if you’re short on time these wall panels secure over the top of tiles or uneven surfaces quickly and effectively.

✔ No specialist tools are required

No need for tile cutters, grinders or grouting tools. All you need is a Stanley knife, a sharp edge, a tape measure and some adhesive. Simple!

✔ Lightweight wall panels

Tiles can be extremely heavy making them harder to install into any bathroom or space. Also if you’re installing in a caravan, motorhome or boat then this is the perfect product as it gives you an authentic look without adding too much additional weight.

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Our Bathroom Wall Panels