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How to install PVC Wall Panels

Installing your wall panels is really simple and easy. Follow our guides below for getting started.

Installing your wall panels

Installing your wall panels couldn’t be easier. All PVC wall panels slot together using a tongue and groove interlocking design which provides a watertight and secure fitting. Although it is worth mentioning that some wall panels are not waterproof, please see product description before making your purchase.

We provide our own way of installing wall panels, you can install the panels using your own expertise or preference.

You can install the wall panels simply by using adhesives to secure panels to the wall. You apply the adhesive to the back of the wall panels ensuring that you have good coverage on the back of the panel.

Panels can then be secured to the wall onto a plastered wall or ceiling or on top of tiles. You can apply these directly to tiles to save time and mess – the panels can also be installed directly on top of ceramic tiles.


Tools you’ll need

  • Stanley Knife
  • Tape Measure
  • Skeleton Gun
  • Fine Tooth Saw or Jigsaw
  • Spirit Level
  • Adhesive

Our guide on how to install PVC Wall panels

Trims – the final touches

Trims can be applied to corners for both internal and external corners. Please be sure to check that you have selected the correct trims as our trims are specifically designed for your product before hand.

If using our PVC wall cladding half way along the wall you can use the end trim to perfectly edge the wall panels.

Our guide on how to install wall art wall panels