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In this article we’re looking at Panels Vs Ceramic Tiles. When deciding to renovate your bathroom, changing your tiles can make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your shower area. Traditionally tiles have always been used to cover your bathroom wet areas, but there is a new product that could change the way that you do things from now on.

If you’re looking for cost effective bathroom wall panels then you might find ceramic tiles that fit into your budget. But did you consider the installation costs and maintenance of those tiles? Tiles are becoming increasingly dated as cheaper, easier to install ceramic tile alternatives are hitting the market. 

Shower wall panels and bathroom wall panels are taking the industry by storm for their easy installation, cost-effectiveness, wide range of styles and durability.

panels vs ceramic

Why choose wall panels
over ceramic tiles?

There are many benefits to using wall panels over ceramic tiles. So what are the benefits of panels over ceramic tiles?

no grout

Say goodbye to grout!

Unlike ceramic tiles, wall panels require no grout – so you can say goodbye to discoloured grout and scrubbing between tiles. This leaves your bathroom wall looking in great condition for a long time without any heavy scrubbing or specialist tools.

Panels vs ceramic

Install over the top of tiles!

Put your hammer and bolster down – you can install wall panels directly over the top of your tiles giving you a fast and effectively way to completely renovate your bathroom or shower space. 

save money

Save money

No expensive tile cutters, additional tools or even professional costs – wall panels save you money as you’ll only need minimal tools such as a stanley knife, adhesive and a straight-edge to install it. 

wide range copy

Wide range of styles

You can choose from a wide range of tiles and styles that you want. Want a wood effect in your shower? Now you can! You’ve got the freedom to choose any style for anywhere. See our range of tiles

easy to clean

Easier to clean and maintain

Because there is no grout, cleaning your wall panels is far easier than you would expect. All you need is a bucket with soapy water, a sponge and a microfibre cloth to dry. It’s perfect for high traffic areas and even for those looking to rent.