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It’s no secret, but most homeowners are feeling the effects of the ‘cost of living crisis’.

As we step forward into the colder periods we going to see at our energy bills creeping up as a result of gas or electric bills soaring by 79%. Although we’re unable to affect the global market – we can however adjust our ways of managing our energy usage.

There are lots you can do to help improve the heat of your home and there are lots of high-quality ways that you can better insulate your home – wall panels are one of those ways.

The traditional bathroom tiles and showers are often made from porcelain – one of the drawbacks of these tiles is that they’re incredibly cold for your bathroom and kitchen. By switching to wall panelling you can dramatically reduce the cost of your fuel bills this winter and maybe winters to come.

Wall panels and ceiling panels are slightly textured and offer amazing alternatives to traditional tiles with excellent thermal properties. As a result, you keep more of your heat in and lower your bills.

Not only are they much warmer than traditional tiles – they are easier to clean, and install meaning you can install the wall panels with less expensive tools and are really fast to install meaning that you can reduce the time for a professional to install, or better yet, you could install them yourself!

If you’d like to talk to us about our wall panels then please get in touch, or alternatively, view our wall panel products here and order your free samples today.